For Sale - See NEW Arrivals Page for AVAILABLE 2017 Kids, I have 1 buckling and 1 doeling left for sale. Adults will be listed here. I also have 2 mini alpine does and 3 mini lamancha doelings for sale! Check other goats for their listings!!

   Stage Dragon Escape My Shadow $300

Nigerian Dwarf Buck, ADGA Registered Blue Eyes!

Escape as a yearling.

    SS : Calico Creek Noisome Creature
S: Carmel Springs NC Joyful Noise
    SD: Carmel Springs MAC Easter Lily

    DS: Ballardcreek GZ Moon Shadow 83 ++V

D: Stage Dragon MSZO Bubblez 3*M 82 ++++ (1st freshener)
    DD: SG Stage Dragon SD Zowie 2*M 91 EEEV (2 GCH legs)


Date of Birth: 12/31/2014

Color: Chocolate Buckskin w/ Random White & Blue Eyes


Show Record: Not Shown


Linear Appraisal: Not Appraised




   *B Mighty Pine J Prankster 83 ++V

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf  2 year old Buck $200

Prankster as a yearling.


Photo courtesy Melissa Sargent

Photo courtesy Melissa Sargent

    SS : *B NC PromisedLand MS River Dance
S: *B Dill's RD Jester
    SD: Dill's D Kitten Kabootle 3*M 90 VEEE

    DS: Poppy Patch HB Don Juan 

D: Nomad Der What They Saying 1*M 84 V++V Elite 2015
    DD: Almar Acres AC Brandi Elite


Date of Birth: 06/19/2015

Color: Buckskin w/ Minimal White
Height: 17"


Show Record: Not Shown


Linear Appraisal: 2016: 83 ++V




             Stage Dragon Celestial Blue 85 VVVV $300


Celeste as a four year old.

Celeste at 3 years.

First Freshening.

First Freshening.

Celeste at two years

Celeste at three months

Celeste at three months

    SS : AGS C-Springs AL Crosstitch
S: AGS Tulley Acres Caramel Macchiato
    SD: AGS C-Springs PH Penny

    DS: AGS Lil Critters Farm Sundance
D: SG AGS Lil Critters Farm Amber 84 +VV+
    DD: AGS Lil Critters Farm Nala


Date of Birth: 03/16/2012

Color: Chocolate with Random White & Blue Eyes
Height: 18 1/2"


Show Record: 2012: 1 x 1st (WDGB), 2013: 1 x 2nd, 1 x 4th, 1 x 5th (NEWDGA)


Linear Appraisal: 2016: 85 VVVV, 2015: 83 +VVV (First Freshener)

Kidding Record: 2016: Single Buck, 2015: Twins (Buck/Doe).

       5 Fold Farm CC Tonka Truck 86 VVV

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf 3 year old Buck $250

Tonka at two years old.



Tonka at 3.5 months

Tonka at 3.5 months

Tonka at 3.5 months

Tonka at 3.5 months

Tonka as a young kid

Tonka as a young kid

    SS : *B *S TX Twincreeks SEM Indian Summer
S: Proctor Hill Farm Cajun Chief 84 +V+
    SD: Dragonfly RY Mardi Gras 88 VEEV

    DS: +*B *S SG Dill's BF Genuine Article 85 VVV Elite
D: Dill's GA Little Lamb 84 +VVV
    DD: Dill's XM Merry-Go-Round 3*M 87 +EVV


Date of Birth: 04/11/2014

Color: Light Buckskin w/ White
Height: 19 1/2"


Show Record: Not Shown


Linear Appraisal: 2016: 86 VVV