We show our goats at ADGA & MDGA Shows, they are on DHIA 305 day milk test and participate in Linear Appraisal bi-annually.

DHIA & Superior Genetics


2016- Stage Dragon SD Zillow earned her Superior Genetics Award & Castle Rock Sundown & Mighty Pine J Prankster became *Bs.

2015- Stage Dragon SA Zenon 1*M, Stage Dragon SD Zowie 2*M & +B Ballardcreek Sumonte all earned their Superior Genetics Award!

2014- Eagle Ridge A Brandy and Stage Dragon MSZO Bubblez earned their ADGA Milk Stars. Lil Critters Farm Amber earned her Superior Genetics (SG) Award, and Ballardcreek Spumonte earned his +B posthumously :)

2013 - Lil Critters Farm Farm Dawn, Stage Dragon SD Zowie, Stage Dragon SA Zenon, and Stage Dragon SD Zillow all earned their ADGA Milk Stars!

Linear Appraisal
2016 Scores:

Stage Dragon SD Zillow 2*M 90 VEEE

Stage Dragon Celestial Blue 85 VVVV

Alethia DJ Eye of Jupiter 88 VEE

*B Castle Rock Sundown 87 VVE

5 Fold Farm CC Tonka Truck 86 VVV

5 Fold Farm HB Miss. Mud Pie 84 ++VV

Stage Dragon VIC Finale V Overall (Youngstock)

Stage Dragon SD Fallen Angel V Overall (Youngstock)

2015 Scores:

Stage Dragon SA Zenon 1*M 90 VEEE

Stage Dragon SD Zowie 2*M 91 EEEV

Stage Dragon MSZE B IzaBell 84 ++EV

Stage Dragon Celestial Blue 83 +VVV

Poppy Patch BR Lindy Hop 83 +++V

Ballardcreek Sunny Safari 82 ++V+

Alethia DJ Eye of Jupiter 88 VEV

Castle Rock Sundown 85 +VV

2013 Scores:

Stage Dragon SA Zenon 1*M +VEV 86

Stage Dragon SD Zowie 2*M +EE+ 84

Lil Critters Farm Amber +VV+ 84

Ballardcreek GZ Moon Shadow ++V 83

Stage Dragon SD Zillow 2 *M +V++ 82

Stage Dragon MSZO Bubblez ++++ 82

The Show Ring

Highlights from 2014:


09/13/2014~Spokane Interstate Fair-ADGA, under judge Gary Whitehead~ Stage Dragon SD Zowie 2*M went RGCH Sr. Nigerian Dwarf, we were also 1st Place Dairy Herd and received the Premeir Breeder Award & 1st Place Herdsmanship!


08/24/2014~WRDGB Show-ADGA, under judge Amy Akramoff~ Stage Dragon SA Zenon 1*M went RGCH Sr. Nigerian Dwarf


06/14/2014~NEWDGA Show-ADGA, under judge John Pilotte~ Stage Dragon SA Zenon went GCH Sr. Nigerian Dwarf (earning her second milking leg)!


Highlights from 2013:


09/13/2013~Spokane Interstate Fair-ADGA, under judge, Karen Smith~ Stage Dragon SA Zenon went GCH & BOB Sr. Nigerian Dwarf (earning her 1st milking leg)We also received the Premier Breeder & Premier Exhibitor Awards.

06/15/2013~NEWDGA Show-ADGA, under judge, John Pfeiler~ Stage Dragon SD Zowie went RGCH Sr. Nigerian Dwarf

Show Wins & Performance Scores