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Stage Dragon​


Whimsical vintage style dog and animal pop folk art giclée prints and original paintings by Kimberly Helgeson Sams. Commissioned Works and Pet Portraits welcome! :) Don't see what you are looking for? I also take requests!

About the Artist: Kimberly Helgeson Sams is an Internationally collected artist. She lives in Colbert, Washington, USA with her husband and four children, nigerian dwarf and lamancha goats and her pet dogs and cats. She has been selling her art online since 2001.

Do Mini LaManchas Have Martinis?
Artist, Kimberly Helgeson Sams.
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Artist, Kimberly Helgeson Sams sitting by a tree.
Artist Kimberly Helgeson Sams in front of a rustic gate.
The artist Kimberly Helgeson Sams with her family.
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